You can now become a league sponsor at! By doing so you will be able to create great exposure for your brand while at the same time enriching the life of the members within Footballidentity. Each league can only have one league sponsor and as the sponsor of a league you will be able to:

1. Have your brand's name inside the league name of that league (for example League 1A NOR - Nettavisen League). The league name is displayed on many different pages on the Footballidentity site (such as team and character summaries of teams, players and managers that are playing in that league).

2. Have your sponsor banner displayed on the league summary (highly exposed location) of the league that you are sponsoring (see screen shots beneath). The banner will be clickable (for some parts of the user base) and will lead to a target URL of your choice. Clicks will be recorded by our system and you will have access to click statistics.

League sponsorships are available to any individuals and companies as long as the content
(banner, league name and URL-landing page) is suitable for our community.

Screen Shots (click for larger size):


Pricing of League Sponsorships are based upon the performance of that league (in Footballidentity it's called Total Transfer Value (TTV) and is the total transfer value of all football players currently signed to a team in that league). The higher the transfer value of a league, the higher the focus and interest surrounding that league and therefore the higher is also the price for becoming a sponsor of such a league.

In order for league names not to change in the middle of a season all league sponsor purchases are made per season (approx 3 months per season). You purchase the Sponsorship for one season at a time and when the season has ended it can be renewed by the current sponsor. However, it may be that the price of the sponsorship changes for the upcoming season depending on the size and performance of the league. If you want to become a league sponsor in the middle of a season that is also possible. You will then purchase the next upcoming season sponsorship and will pay an additional cost that is equal to the percentage left of the current season.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a League Sponsor